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Password sharing on Netflix will cease in 2023

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Password sharing will officially end by Netflix in 2023 as the streaming platform begins to charge users for sharing their login information. Netflix password sharing will come to an end in 2023. As a streaming platform, Netflix has experienced a tumultuous year. Netflix reported a significant decline in subscribers shortly after the end of the first tax quarter of 2022.

A number of different ideas have since been proposed by Netflix regarding how to gain subscribers, including a lower-tiered ad-supported subscription tier, which was introduced in November. There was also an idea to take measures to limit password sharing among users, which appears to be gaining traction at this point.

Netflix has announced that password sharing will be halted in 2023. Netflix is planning to implement systems that will charge users for sharing Netflix passwords with devices outside of their homes, according to the Wall Street Journal. Users outside the primary account holder’s home are prompted upon logging in to enter a validation code on screen.

This code expires after 15 minutes, in the Latin American Netflix version. Users who do not wish to go through this procedure can be added by the primary account holder. This is because they do not wish to go through this procedure upon logging in. Netflix has not yet announced how they will do this for the US-based service.

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