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Great New Tabletop Games by Winning Moves Games USA

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Winning Moves Inc. (dba Winning Moves Games USA), a leader in specialty toys & games, announced the release of two exciting new games. How do you like your words? Over easy, of-course! Words Over Easy™ is a quick-playing word game with uniquely shaped letter eggs and a random letter sorter. 

Pop the letter eggs into the egg sorter to see which letters you can use to spell words. Letter eggs that fall into the green side are good, while letter eggs that land on the red side are rotten. Players scramble to come up with words using all the letters, face-up, from the “good eggs” and none of the letters from the “rotten eggs”. Score points for each unique word using all the good letters. This word game is great for the whole family. So, get cracking!

The second new game in Winning Moves Games USA’s 2021 line is a fast-paced card game called Trashed™! Originally inspired by the old-time favorite card game Garbage, this updated version comes with custom cards and unique twists to gameplay. The goal is to get your cards lined up in the right order, from 1 to 10. Sounds easy! But, watch out for the card thieves! If an opponent plays a Trashed card, they can steal one of your precious cards. Wild cards allow for excitingly big turns and Stop cards will stop you in your tracks. Win 3 rounds and you win the game!

Winning Moves Games USA is a Massachusetts based maker of both new and classic board games, card games and puzzles including THE RUBIK’S® CUBE, PASS THE PIGS®, NO STRESS CHESS®, and many more wonderful family favorites.  Since 1995 Winning Moves USA has delighted game players with hours of fun-filled, safe entertainment at a reasonable price. Winning Moves Games USA’s games are available at specialty book, toy, & game retailers in the USA and online.

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