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Google to restructure ad sales unit, potentially affecting 30,000 employees

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In response to recent strides in artificial intelligence, search giant Google is set to undertake a substantial reorganization of its ad sales division, impacting a significant portion of its 30,000-strong workforce. This development comes on the heels of Google’s largest-ever job cut earlier this year when approximately 12,000 employees were laid off. The move, as reported by The Information, is driven by Google’s adoption of cutting-edge AI tools.

Google to restructure ad sales unit, potentially affecting 30,000 employees

These tools have the capability to autonomously recommend and generate high-performing ads with minimal need for human intervention, rendering many roles within the ad sales unit redundant. The restructuring follows an earlier decision by Google to cut approximately 12,000 jobs earlier this year, marking the most extensive downsizing effort in the company’s history.

According to a report from The Information, many positions within Google’s ad sales unit are becoming obsolete due to the introduction of advanced AI tools capable of autonomously suggesting and crafting high-performing ads, requiring minimal human intervention. Google had initially launched its AI-powered campaign planner, Performance Max, in 2021. However, the company later augmented the tool with generative AI capabilities at the Google I/O event in the same year, simplifying the process of creating custom ad assets at scale.

The adoption of Performance Max by a growing number of advertisers has resulted in a reduced need for employees specializing in ad sales for specific Google services, including YouTube, Search, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. The announcement of this ad sales unit reorganization was made internally by Sean Downey, Google’s President of the Americas and Global Partners, during a recent company meeting. However, it remains unclear whether this restructuring will lead to additional job cuts, as per The Information report.

During the same meeting, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, responded to inquiries about the impact of the previous job cuts, describing the decision as “difficult but necessary.” Pichai acknowledged a notable impact on employee morale, emphasizing that not taking such action would have had adverse consequences in the long run. He highlighted the importance of maintaining the company’s capacity to invest in various areas, especially during a year marked by significant global shifts.

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