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Dow surges to 2023 peak, propelling November’s stock market rally

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In a striking financial upturn, the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared to a new annual zenith on Thursday, marking an impressive closure to November – its most fruitful month since October 2022. This surge, amounting to a robust 295-point increase (0.8%), propelled the Dow to approximately 35,719 points, eclipsing its previous annual high achieved in August. Contrastingly, the S&P 500 remained largely unchanged, while the Nasdaq Composite saw a moderate decline of 0.6%, as investors engaged in profit-taking from the significant gains in Big Tech stocks that have been central to November’s market revival.

Dow surges to 2023 peak, propelling November's stock market rally

Highlighting a remarkable rebound, the Dow has risen by 8% in November, snapping a three-month losing streak. Both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have also experienced significant gains, rising over 8% and 10% respectively. These indices are now approaching their highest levels of 2023, trading within 1% of these peaks. Salesforce, a cloud software giant, was a pivotal driver of the Dow’s ascent, with its shares skyrocketing by over 7.5% following a fiscal third-quarter earnings report that exceeded expectations. The company’s robust performance, particularly in its cloud data business which witnessed a 22% revenue increase year-over-year, and the success of its artificial intelligence product Einstein GPT, were significant contributors to this upsurge.

Adding to the market’s optimism, recent data revealed that the personal consumption expenditures price index – a key inflation measure favored by the Federal Reserve-aligned with projections in October, registering a 0.2% increase for the month and 3.5% year-over-year. This data is part of a series of favorable inflation reports observed in November, leading traders to anticipate a potential pause or even reversal in the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes by 2024. The 10-year Treasury yield, a critical factor for investors, which had previously soared above 5% and alarmed the market, experienced a notable decline this month, further bolstering equity sentiment. The yield recently stood at 4.3%.

While technology stocks were the star performers in November, there was a noticeable pullback towards the month’s end. Nvidia, for instance, dropped about 2% on Thursday but still recorded a 15% increase for the month. Tesla also saw a modest decline of 1% on Thursday, despite a notable 20% recovery in November. In a broader perspective, the Dow is set for its most robust month this year, energized by several stocks climbing over 20%.

This surge would mark the index’s largest monthly gain since October 2022. Leading the charge, Salesforce and Intel have both rallied above 22%. Intel’s rise is attributed to its positive earnings report and optimistic current quarter guidance late October. Boeing, another significant contributor, is expected to end November over 21% higher, buoyed by recent regulatory advancements for its 737 Max 10 aircraft.

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